It's A Good Day For Manifestation!

Hey BFF! Today is the day you'll be able to say you've witnessed a piece of astronomical awesomeness! Today - August 21st, 2017 - there will be a total solar eclipse visible in a belt spanning across the US. This will be the first total solar eclipse visible from anywhere on mainland United States since the total solar eclipse in March 1979. The next one will be in April 2024, but it's said that it won't be visible from as many US locations as today's eclipse. A New Moon combined with a Solar Eclipse is a powerful energetic combination. So why not take advantage of this? Why not make the best of this rare opportunity? Consider this to be as major as New Year's Eve. Consider it your new beginning. I hope you will join me in writing down what you want to manifest, create, or release. Consider showing yourself more attention on the regular basis, grasping the art of listening & letting go. Speak on any positivity you want to bring in your life. Take a moment to revisit your goals and/or write down some new ones. "The Aug. 7 lunar eclipse likely brought an end to something in your life, and the Aug. 21 solar eclipse can bring about a new beginning." While enjoying the view, I'll be whispering my affirmations to myself and mentally preparing to move forward in my life's journey. I've read that some people get choked up during this moment. Do you think you'll get teary-eyed?

Where to view the awesomeness:

Check your local libraries, NASA Museum Alliance or NASA Night Sky Network for local viewing celebrations. will stream 10 live webcasts, each with a different angle. - See what the eclipse looks like on the ground from Denver, Colorado. Astronomy will have its own 4K webcast right here on this site.

Happy Eclipse Day BFFs!

Until next time,


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