A Lotus

Photo courtesy of Pintrest

C U R R E N T Journal Entry: _____ She has story after story in genres she has never laid eyes on. She has been told not to "genre hop" as it could be bad for publicity, her image, her readers, etc. She has been "it will never work so stick to the script". I guess no one ever told them Dionda never follows suit, she follows her heart. Her heart told her to jump last month, so she did and amazing things happened. Her gut told her "it's gonna be tough - but you are tougHER". Her brain has been working overtime since that leap. Although her heart is heavy and she may question the process - she keeps going. _____ It's okay to feel jumbled at times. It's okay to question the process. Try not to dwell on the negatives but focus on the positives as you're digging your way through. Pay close attention to your growth. Baby girl - a lotus blooms in mud. You're no different. Trust the process. Love, Yourself🖤

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