3 Tips for Back To School Prepping +BONUS!

Dionda Fugitt 3 Lessons From Shonda Rhimes


Parents anxiously wait for those three words .

Some kids dread those three words, while others can't wait to get back to their friends.

Some kids are super excited to pick out their outfits, while others' anxiety levels raise dramatically.

If you haven't started already, you can either get mentally prepared to rush the aisles for penny paper (only to find you have to spend $50 first) like other parents. What's the alternative? Do like I do, and shop online!

Here are my top tips & tricks for preparing your little ones (and saving your sanity) for BACK TO SCHOOL.

ALWAYS have your school supply list.

It's SO EASY to walk in (or log in) to Walmart and plan on getting school supplies, then one hour later notice your shopping cart is filled with everything other than! Diving in with a list gives you everything you need to stay on track.

If you haven't received your school supply list as of yet, check out

Teacher'sList.com, enter your zip code and find your child(ren)'s school supply list, or at least the basics. This site has just about every school across America.

*Requested specifics, may come after the first day of school.

If you want to take the easy route, check out the "supply pack" options below.

After chatting with a lot of moms, this is the way to go. Click the item, add to cart, enter payment options and BAM - you've got life in order!

Basic Kindergarten Classroom Supply Pack in Blue Ribbon Box, Crayola Washable Markers, Crayola Washable Water Colors, Crayola Colored Pencils,Crayola Crayons

First and Second Grade Classroom Supply Pack

Third through Fifth Grade Classroom Supply Pack

Sixth through Eighth Grade Classroom Supply Pack

Secondary School Supply Pack - 25 Essential Items for College, High School or Middle School.

OH - excuse me Mom of the year, don't forget the emoji backpacks are HOT this go round. OH - wait - get the entire set and watch your little ladies face light up!

Prep with no sweat.

​Midway through this post, I had to stop and order 2 hanging closet organizers for my little ladies because I could not get over how awesome this idea (via pintrest) was. Picking out clothes on Sunday has worked wonders in my household. If you get an organizer with a 6th slot, I'd suggest using it for a back up outfit. You know those Wednesday/Thursday mornings where your little one is NOT happy with the outfit that was picked out on Sunday? That's where "back up outfits" come into play. It's a great idea for kindergarten through high school to be honest. Spend one hour prepping & ironing outfits, matching socks and TA DAAA - you're done for the week!

If you don't want to bother with that part, take the easier route and just add tags! You can make these at home. Better yet - have your little one design them.

Take Action Against Distraction.

I don't know about you and your little ones, but distraction comes easy for the Fugitt clan (LOL). With that being said, I'm creating a comfy space for homework and reading.

Normally while the kids are doing their homework, I'm cooking dinner and listening to the news. So -No more homework being done in the dinning room. I'm looking for ways to dazzle up a little working area. I'm currently going back and forth as to weather I should create a space in my office or in their own rooms. At least I know in my office there won't be any "accidentally dosing off" business going on. For starters, I'm going to add in a cute chic beanbag as well as a chair lap desk.

We'll see how well this goes. I'll keep you updated!


Well, you stuck it out and read my entire entry so...

(or scrolled to the bottom, but either way...)

I'd like to show my appreciation.

You - my BFFs - are the first to receive my new printable. Click the link to get the goods!

Until next time,


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