Wowwhoooo!!! GIRL POWER!!

Dionda Fugitt 3 Lessons From Shonda Rhimes

I finally did it!

I saw Wonder Woman!!

Did I like it?


I screamed

"Wowwhoooo. GIRL POWER!!"

at least 7 times during the movie.

I watch movies a little different than the "average" person.

Average. I laugh at the thought of "average". I mean what is considered average anymore?! Eh?!

I try to see the meaning in the little things, including license plates! I try to look a little deeper and put myself in the main characters shoes; like literally almost every movie (even Captain Underpants!). I want to feel what the characters are going through so I could fully get a grip on what's going on. Otherwise, I will fall asleep and miss the entire movie, probably let my blue slushy melt and spill my candy in my lap.

Since the movie is fairly new, I don't want to spill all of the beans and ruin it for those who have yet to see it. I just can't sleep another night without letting my besties know how I actually saw the movie, like through my eyes and what I've learned from the movie.

YES!! There's a lesson in every movie and book ya know!

Life Lesson Number 1: You never know how great you are until you try

Diana (before she was known as "Wonder Woman") trained to be a warrior. There were times she would train HARD, then there were times she would do enough to get by. When she was pushed to try a little harder, her secret powers were released. But - she had no idea she even had these powers!

Just imagine - if you ran a little harder, pushed yourself to read the next chapter, or answered a few more questions even after you were done with your homework. Imagine what greatness would come from a little more effort!! What if exercising for 30 minutes today, made you stronger than you were yesterday. What if eating one more carrot gave you x-ray vision. WHAT IF!! But here's the thing: you may never know what the possibilities are if you don't push a little harder today to be great tomorrow.

Life Lesson Number 2: Stand for what you believe in

Wonder Woman saw how people were being neglected during the war. There was a lack of food, water and protection. Wonder Woman saw the problem and knew she had the ability to fix it. Steve (the pilot she met) and his friends thought she was bonkers! They could not comprehend WHY this woman thought she could fight the war and return with food and water for the citizens in need. They had no idea who they were dealing with and underestimated GIRL POWER!! WOOWHHOOO!!!!

"OMG. WHAT?! You want to play softball instead of being a cheerleader? Really?" Have your friends ever said anything close to this? Have they ever made you think twice about your choices? It's okay to want something different. It's okay to want to change the world and do it in a dress filled with colorful sparkles, yellow nails and a crown. If you believe you can change the world - DO IT - and do it with pride and class!

Life Lesson Number 3: NEVER GIVE UP

Wonder Woman KNEW who she wanted to go after (well, she narrowed it down and had an idea), as well as what mission she wanted to accomplish. Once again, they doubted her and questioned her reasoning.

She kept searching for the proof she needed. She asked questions. She pushed her way through the crowd (with her invisible crown still intact of course) and made a way for herself. Wonder Woman looked Steve Trevor in the eye and basically said: " No you're wrong and I'll prove it to you" and went on to do just that. Wonder Woman did not know all of her powers when she decided to take this leap of faith to save the world. But she did it, and found her powers in the process.

NEVER GIVE UP! When you have a dream or a strong desire to be great, go for it. Ask questions, do your research and make your way through the crowd. People may question your thinking, it's okay.

Remain classy and keep your crown on at all times.

Have you seen Wonder Woman? Did you like it?

I would love to hear what your favorite parts of the movie.

Share them with me here!

Until next time,


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