3 Lessons From Shonda Rhimes

Dionda Fugitt 3 Lessons From Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes, you know the

Scandal, Grey's Anatomy, How to Get Away With Murder"

.....Shonda Rhimes.

Well let's rewind, really quick. I didn't actually meet Shonda Rhimes face to face, yet, but I did come across a youtube video that I have watched over 8 times in 2 days because I wanted to hear it CLEARLY. I wanted to know what she was REALLY trying to tell me -- because in my mind the speakers aren't speaking to a room full of people. They are having a one on one conversation with me.

So, here are my top 3 takeaways from the video:

Before you know it, you're Southern Waitress

may just call you MOMMA!

So if you have not seen Shonda Rhimes on TED Talks (yes, I’m a fan), you’re missing out. She tells us how her daughter talks as if she’s a southern waitress and would come to her saying “Honey, I need some milk for my sippy cup”. Before she knew it , her little girl was no longer calling her “Honey”, but called her “Momma”. While what we know as "ShondaLand" was rolling in the the big bucks and taking the world by storm, Shonda's little lady grew up before her eyes. What I grabbed from that was this:

Stop what you're doing and give your little ones more of your undivided attention. Give them the time they deserve and make ever lasting memories. Give them the exclusive version of yourself where you are not an executive assistant, technician, saving lives, a NASA employee or anything in between. In that moment, be the Lego action figure bad guy or Barbie's best friend who needs help picking between the magenta ruffled skirt or the glittery pink fur shaw. Give your little ones your best (or worst) character impersonation. It’ll leave them laughing for days.

Give yourself a solid 15 minutes of YOU time daily.

"What could be wrong with giving myself my full attention for 15 minutes?

Turns out, NOTHING.” (S. Rhimes)

This goes hand in hand with my previous post about being selfish. Giving yourself 15 minutes shouldn’t be so tough... right? I mean, we can squeeze in 15 somewhere....I think. Before you wake the little one(s), while the lasagna is in the oven and the kids are outside, after they are tucked away in bed….somewhere there’s 15 minutes waiting to cuddle up with you! Sit in silence. Give yourself a mani/pedi. Well maybe just a polish change, we only have 15 minutes to spare people.

You know what they say "You can't fill someone else's cup when you're is half empty"...or something along those lines. When it comes to putting your best foot forward, it definitely helps when you are feeling your best; or at least not half dead.

The more I play, the better I work.

Somehow, society has us thinking that we have to work sunup to sundown and have little to no vacation time. WORK WORK WORK with minimal play time. Pour in the blood, sweat, and tears, they say. Work through your lunch break, they say. Well, what are they doing while they are saying these things?

R E L A X I N G!

Kick back momma. You deserve a break. Next time you take your little ones to the playground, hop on the swing or the big ol’ tire. Do you think you have the guts to cross the monkey bars? Try it.

Give yourself permission to free yourself of your work-a-holic guilt(S. Rhimes)


Try saying YES! | Step out of your comfort zone a little. |

"The very thing that scares you, may undo your fear."

Until next time,


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