[FOR MY FELLOW MOMS] MAY I please have a moment?

May IS HERE!!!

Spring has sprung. Some of my grass is green. I have a plant (maybe two) that look nice and purplish green... how that happened, I have no idea. My home office isn't put together, but it's in the process. Laundry still isn't put away, clean but not put away. I'm short one granola bar for tomorrow's lunch..Geesh. So...I guess we'll skip on down to the real reason for this post.

April 30th, I made a promise to be SELFISH! That's right. I said it. I'm going to be selfish! I'm sure you can agree when I say we tend to put ourselves on the back burner. How do we expect to fill our little one's glasses when our glasses only contain enough water to tap an ant on the head?

So, my plan is to inch things in without overwhelming myself. For example, the hour my little ladies are at soccer practice, I walk/run around the soccer field (goodbye social media...for 1 hour). BOOM! Check off "Exercise for 1 hour daily" off my list. THANK GOODNESS they have practice at the same time and are at fields adjacent from each other.

During the last week of April I started a "No Excuses" list. I listed how many hours I wanted to spend on working out, trips I had to plan, blogs I wanted to post, books I wanted to write and so many other tasks I wanted to put a DONE stamp on solely for ME. I had yet to complete these tasks, because, well...you know...I put everything else first. I had to get the girls' to soccer, basketball, martial arts, do their hair, make it to play dates, help this person who needed me, etc.

Not only was I jotting these tasks on paper, I added them to my phone's calendar. I'm naturally a planner, so this is how I operate best. So when those alerts go off, I can't say "Oh, I forgot to do___!" I will admit, I do not enjoy that little ding of a reminder, especially when it's something to remind me to be a grown up LOL.

There's the daily "EXERCISE for 1 hour. NO EXCUSES" that goes off 15 minutes before whatever sport my girls' are practicing that day.

As of May 1st, there's an alarm that goes off one hour before it's time to start the day, which reminds me it's time to do yoga and then meditate.

As of next week, there will be more alarms going off throughout the day:

Take a walk outside (weather permitting)

Take a moment and write down

your weekly goals (mainly on Sundays)

What are you affirmations

Schedule a pedicure

Call your girls! Do Brunch!!

So now that you know you're not the only one who's short one granola bar, I hope this post has helped a bit.

It's time to be great ladies.

Download your "No Excuses" planner sheet here.

Until next time mommies,


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