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Say it with me...A M A Z I N G!!!

THAT my friends, is exactly how I felt after I left my first Meet The Author event, thanks to Barnes & Noble, on Saturday, April 22nd.

That day was unbelievable.

Meet the Author: Dionda Fugitt

For starters, I woke up on time, I woke my daughters up on time and

we all ate breakfast. It's always an amazing thing when MOMs can actually sit and eat breakfast. Of course this specific Saturday, we were selected to bring the snacks to the morning soccer game. NO WORRIES! I was able to slice oranges and put them in individual baggies, twist tie them and pack them for each soccer player on my daughter's team. We made it to my daughter's soccer game, got a perfect parking spot and had time to spare. Here's the downside > it was pouring raining! But of course, I was prepared.

I was determined not to let anything ruin this day!

Meet The Author event, all while blasting Beyonce's song GIRLS! (Who Run The World).Luckily, I checked the weather before leaving the house, we wore/packed rain boots, and prepared ourselves for any one of us to slip in a gigantic mud puddle. During half time, we passed around the orange slices, which are a great source of vitamin C by the way. At the end of the game we shared pringles, gummie snacks and capri suns. Oh and my youngest little lady even scored a goal! WOOWHOO! As soon as that was over, we cleaned up and dashed to Tyson's Corner's Barnes & Noble book store.

Icing on the cake: we got there with time to spare! So we sat everything up and starting having fun!

We took deep breathes and practiced a simple meditation pose.

We chatted about living fearfully fearlesss.

We took pictures & I signed books.

Overall, We had fun!

I hope I will meet you at my next book signing with Barnes & Noble.

Until next time,


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