Bestie Brunch Tour


I am still stoked! The first stop of the Bestie Brunch Tour was simply phenomenal! I can not make this stuff up.

Wait, have you heard of the Bestie brunch Tour? No?

Oh well, let's rewind.

Bestie Brunch Tour (noun): A brunch, not the typical brunch, where you meet, greet, chat with, eat a personally selected meal, take tons of selfies, dip and dodge the dessert bar, create a crown and have a complimentary toast with the Author of Adjust Your Crown: The Little Ladies Secret Handbook.

Whoa! That was a lot of say in one breath.

The first stop was in Alexandria, Virginia.

The guest list: amazing ladies with their +1 (their Moms, of course)

The food & drinks: Yummy! My favorite drink was the cotton candy & cider drink!

Doesn't this fruit platter look delicious?

Topics of discussion: GIRL POWER, encouragement, bullies, being BFF's with your mom, along with a lot of other hot topics.

There was even a moment where we shared tears.

Are you a mom? If so, imagine your little lady standing in front of a room full of people and stay something sweet and special about you, her mother. Imagine she's looking you in your eyes and explaining how proud she is of you for overcoming your fears, being there to cook dinner, help with homework and being her confidant as well as her best friend. OMG. That just makes your heart melt into tiny micro pieces, right?

Well this actually happened. This is what my daughter said to me in front of everyone. The task was for each young lady to stand up, look at their mom, and only their mom, and say something special to her along with reasons you love her so much. The responses from the little ladies were so touching, that I hope it continues far past our brunch.

How often do we hear "Mom, I love you because____" ? Not as often right? How often do you tell your little one(s) " I love you because____"? Maybe not as often as you'd like. I'm sure we share 'I love you's' on the daily basis, but with the fast paced lives we all live these days, we don't go far into WHY we love each other.

My take from all of this:

When ladies stick together, are there to cry on each other's shoulder or even just pass a tissue, we can clink our glasses together and toast to tomorrows that are better than our todays.

I really felt a strong connection after spending only 2 hours with these ladies.

Want to see a few pictures? Click here!

Did you attend and want to submit your photos? Email me!



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