Top 5 Tips for Setting Goals (and achieving them!)

2017. Year of the Goal Achievers!



On December 31st, tons of people around the world share their New Year resolutions with each other. "This year, I'll loose weight." "This year I'll find a new job." "This year I'll try new things." Are they really setting that goal for themselves or are they saying this aloud because it's the annual thing to do? Personally, I don't feel the need to set a new year's resolution. Why? Because I set weekly goals. Whether it's New Year's Eve or the Monday after my birthday, I set a new goal. Setting a New Year's resolution isn't a bad thing. I see it as the overall result you would like to see at the end of the year. What about the baby steps you need to take to get to that goal? Here are my top 5 Tips for Setting Goals (and achieving them)!

Here' my example (and real life) goal:

My goal is to transition into a healthier lifestyle.

#5: Add details (this is your HOW).

Draw a map to your goals. Try writing out your goals and adding in how you will achieve them.

Here's an example:


Transition into a healthier lifestyle (you may begin to notice, this is an actual goal of mine!)


-Research healthy snacks

-Drink more water

-Take a walk around the block 3-4 times a week

-Take the time to read ingredients in the grocery store

#4: Prioritize (this is your WHY).

Out of all of the goals that are scattered in your brain, which ones are important. Is learning to tie your shoe more important than learning to write your name in cursive? If so, ask yourself why? There are no right or wrong answers, but make sure YOU know why your goals are important to you.

Example: My goal is to transition into a healthier lifestyle. Why: Living a healthier lifestyle would open so many doors for me. I would be more interested in exercising. Exercising releases endorphins which bring out the happier side of me.

We can all use a bit more HAPPY in our daily life, right?

#3: Create a Timeline (this is your WHEN).

When large goals are broken down into smaller goals, the chances of achieving them are higher. Give yourself some time. The only person you are in competition with is yourself. There is no need to rush your goals unless you absolutely have to. But if they are your personal goals, they should be on your own terms.

Using the example above, here's what I would put for my "mini goals" timeline:


-Research healthy snacks

(Time: take at least 30 minutes to 1 hour per day)

-Drink more water

(Time: Daily)

-Take a walk around the block 3-4 times a week

(Time: Weekly)

-Take the time to read ingredients in the grocery store

(Time: Once a week)

#2 Put your goals on display (this is your WHERE).

I like to put my goals in my planner because I look through my planner everyday. Like literally...everyday! Select a space that is yours. If your parents allow, tape your goals (with a little piece of tape, not an entire roll) to your wall by your bed, on your door or on your bathroom mirror. Make sure it's placed somewhere where you will see it every single day.

#1 The Possibilities are endless (this is your WHAT).

What will you gain from this (or these) goal(s)?

Using my goal above, here's my example:

GOAL: Transition into a healthier lifestyle.

I will gain more confidence, I will live longer and think more clearly.

So, those are my tips to setting goals and achieving them.

Try them and let me know how it works out for you and your little lady.




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