Meet Me There: Fall Fair Extravaganza

Hey friends!

This past weekend, I met an awesome group of little ladies at a book sales and signing event hosted by the ReachFar Foundation.

I want to be honest when I share this experience because, well - it's my diary/journal!

I was SOO SOO SOOOO nervous as I was setting up for so many different reasons. What if the little ladies don't like my book? What if they don't like me? What if they don't like the way I talk? What if they don't like my dress...wait...I love this dress!! I had tons of "what if" thoughts running through my head faster than we run to the ice cream truck when we hear the song & bells. I was afraid of being judged. Let me say this - once my table was up and ready to show off, I was fine! I actually read the pictures you see here on this table (that are also all over my social media pages), and it calmed me down..not to mention the awesome selection of candy I had!

Once little ladies came over to meet me and get a book, my nerves calmed down. We ate skittles, chatted about affirmations and what what it means to have class. I shared my favorite chapter with them and explained my social media posts as well.I had more fun than anything at the end of the day!

Sometimes we can overthink things and make a bigger deal out of it than what it really is. On the first day of school were you afraid? Did the thought of making new friends and meeting your new teacher make the butterflies in your belly go crazy? This is all because you were overthinking it. I bet now, you have lots of new friends and you like your new teacher. Am I right?

Next time your belly's butterflies go crazy and you're knees shake because you're so scared, take a deep breathe and remind yourself that you wear a crown that is not allowed to slip. You crown is full of bravery, glitter and other sparkly things!

I hope you have enjoyed your Monday so far and the rest of your week is as A M A Z I N G as you are!

OH - I forgot to mention, everyone enjoyed the Inspiration Corner portion of my website. Have you tried it? You can drag the images anywhere on the website, make them big, small or disappear. Place them in order to which ones you like the best. If you can screenshot your final choices and tag me on social media, I would L O V E to see what you came up with!


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