Dear Daughter’s Mother

*This diary entry is a collection of thoughts and conversations between a mother and daughter. I encourage you to read this aloud with your little lady (or ladies) and see if they would agree in enjoying a few more seconds with their leading lady (Mom).

Don’t forget to take an extra 5 seconds and tuck her in at night.

It may prevent a nightmare.

Kiss her on her forehead and remind her that you care.

Don’t be afraid to tell her you’re there for her and will hold her hand until she can walk on her own. Then whisper “you’re never too hold to hold me hand”.

Make jokes with her and have a secret handshake.

Hug her everyday, just because.

Make time to here her stories, hear her pains, her sadness and her joy.

Be her listening ear and her secret holder. Encourage her imagination.

Ask her how the world works and how she plans to change it.

Push her to be great, but in a fun & loving way.

Get lost in who she is and adore the ground she walks on.

Don’t just be around, be THERE. Be present with her.

Please teach your daughter her worth. Be patient. Be kind.

Be the mother you wanted as a child.

Dear daughter’s mother,

Love your baby girl.

You may be all she has.


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