Dear Diary | Five Reasons I Love October

I am soo excited that it's finally October! There are a ton of reasons my love for October is so strong, BUT for the sake of this diary entry I will narrow it down to 5. *Takes deep* Okay Dionda. FIVE. Only FIVE. Don't go blabbing on. *deep breathe* Okay. I got this. Here goes:

#1: October brings Fall. Fall brings pumpkin and apple picking season! I love eating apples. Like, I can eat one bag of apples in one day. Yummmmm....applesss! I have never been apple picking, but I want to make it my mission to go this year. Have you ever been apple and pumpkin picking? If so, send me a message and tell me how it went! I would love to know from someone who has experience!

#2: October brings Fall. Fall brings cold weather. Cold weather brings out hot drinks! Whoohoo! Apple cider, hot chocolate, pumpkin spiced tea, apple & mint tea. OH how I love tea! It soothes my soul and keeps me calm. Have you tried apple cider? It's very delicious if I do say so myself. Especially when you have the cinnamon stick in it like George Washington's Mount Vernon Inn does it!

#3: October brings Fall. Fall brings cold weather. Cold weather brings sweaters and boots! I love wearing summer dresses, but sweaters and boots are my all time favorites.

#4 : October is Anti-Bully month. I am not a fan of bullies at all. I believe bullies are people who hold pain in instead of talking to a friend and letting it out. I am a lover of everything that represents love. Hate is a word I prefer not to use. I feel like every bully needs a friend who is genuine and will be there for them to vent and let out all of their pain and hurt from the past. Hurt people hurt people. Happy people help people.

#5: October brings Fall. Fall brings falling leaves that change colors! Imagine building a leaf pile, then backing up, running full speed and doing a belly flop into the leaves! Sounds fun right? Exactly!

Now that I have shared my 5 favorite things about my favorite month, October, send me a message with your favorite things about your favorite month. You may get the chance to have your favorites posted in my diary!


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