WHO is she & WHAT does she stand for?

WHO: SHE is you. YUP! The little lady in this picture is YOU. YOU are seen here with a crown and two buns. Whether or not you like buns, is solely up to you but this is how I pictured you. I love your hair by the way! This little lady in the picture (you), has decided to wear her crown proudly. She has decided that she will use her manners, make wise decisions and take good care of herself.

WHAT does she stand for: You see that crown? The crown represents some type of royalty. That "type" of royalty is totally up to you. You can be a Queen or a Princess. You pick. Did you notice that her part is crooked? YES! That's right - the part in her hair is not straight. It is actually tilted to the side a little. This is done to prove to you that she is not perfect. In fact, no one is. There are tons of people who may be good, or even great at what they do. But no one is overall perfect. This little lady represents everything that you want to be one day.

A president, a shelf organizer, a botanist or even a inventor.

This little lady represent anyone who wants to do great things in their life and will do it with grace.

No matter what you do throughout your day, make sure you use your manners and always be a lady!


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