Life happens and we learn to deal with everything that comes our way. From our professional lives to personal lives, we grin and bare. How many times have you felt overwhelmed? Like the life you have designed was just too much to handle.  There are various ways to deal with it. You can always resort to the unspeakable, crawl in your cave and hide – OR – you can take control. But how often do we put everything on the back burner and make ourselves a priority? What if you decided to make it your daily duty to create a life where you’re extremely proud of your personal growth? To take every negative moment and use that energy to give your thought process a makeover? By the time you finish this book, my hope is that you feel rejuvenated. That you can turn on your hell yeah playlist and run the world. That you feel empowered. That you put yourself back on your priority list. That you realize that you are a beauty and a beast.


Publisher: Fugitt Publishing Company

30 Ways to Reboot In 30 Days : For The Modern Woman

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