Dionda Fugitt is an Author and motivational speaker who has published the book that's bridging the gap between Mothers & daughters.

As an Author, Dionda Fugitt empowers young ladies to live their best life and make their happiness a priority.  Since publishing her first book, Adjust Your Crown: The Little Ladies' Secret Handbook (2016), Dionda has been listed on Amazon's Top 100 as well as featured on various blogs.  ​​​

With a creative mind at a young age, Dionda Fugitt has always had an undying love for music and writing. Colorful clothing, poetry, and tons of inspiration would come as easy as breathing. Entering poetry competitions and reciting her work to friends and family was an outlet for over a decade.


It is time that we get back to placing our napkins in our lap, using our lady like words like "thank you", "excuse me" and "my pleasure". Changing the world takes a lot of patience, dedication, and persistence, so it is time we exercise our brain. It is time to be the best YOU possible.

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