Inspiring little ladies to become women who                      

E M P O W E R book at a time


"I felt the need to touch specific topics because they are sensitive and not covered enough. There may have been plenty of talk about having confidence, but how many times do we break it down? How often to we say "this is what confidence is and how we gain it"? Possibly, not often enough. I have witnessed the benefits of affirmations with my own eyes."

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If we can connect with our younger generation and give them the tools they need to succeed, we will watch them bloom into gracefully open-minded and spirited individuals. We will watch our little ladies rule the world flawlessly. They may end a war just by sharing their knowledge; who knows how far they will take it!


It's okay to feel jumbled at times. It's okay to question the process.
Try not to dwell on the negatives but focus on the positives as you're digging your way through. Pay close attention to your growth.

Baby girl - lotus blooms in mud. 

You're no different.

Trust the process.
Love, Yourself🖤